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Saturday, December 17, 2005


This election season when you're deciding who to give your valuable vote to i'd like you to take a second to consider Canada's valuable clock industry. This week Paul Martin's Liberal government announced a new 2% excess tax on clocks, declaring that clocks excessive and a luxury. Strangely enough, however, the same duty is not levied against watches. So Paul Martin is saying that a diamond encrusted rolex is a necessity, where a simple, efficiently designed clock is a luxury. Now I can understand how Paul Martin and his rich, fat cat, public money stealing friends can't live without their rolex watches, but i don't think this rule applies to most hard working Canadians. In a country that prides itself on its punctuality, and in a government which sits underneath a giant clock, declaring clocks to be a luxury is unfair taxation of the highest degree. So this election season i ask that whenever somebody asks you "what time is it," and you check a nearby clock, you remember that the Liberals think that clock is a luxury and wants to persecute Canada's honest clock makers. It is builders who have always made this country strong and whether they built a railroad or a lovely decorative wall clock, or alternativly import them from china and sell them like the patriots, these builders/importers are what make this country great. So this January join Canada's clock makers and tell the liberals its TIME to change.....

**so far none of the major parties have commented on this important issue**


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